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Chris found gut health relief and reconnected with his family.

Chris and his doctor had been trying to solve inflammation in his GI tract for months, with each step making things worse and not better. Chris was headed toward surgery if the situation didn’t start to turn around.

“Maybe it’s stress related?” his doctor suggested. A combination of his chronic GI issues along with other stress related physical symptoms had forced Chris to hit the pause button on his high profile corporate career. He was burned out. As a father of two, the pressure was mounting for Chris to resolve his health issues and find work that was healthy for both his bank account and his body-mind.

Chris embraced Retune Health’s integrated approach with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) knowing that having a better handle on stress would not only improve his physical health but also his mindset. Within six weeks of completing the program, Chris reported a bounceback in energy, focus and overall physical health far greater than his starting point. “I couldn’t believe it. It feels like I have adjusted my body’s health baseline.”

Months after completing the SSP and here’s what Chris had to say: “I feel great! I actually saw improvements in every category, but the improvements that I didn’t anticipate are what really stand out. For example, I have an increased sense of appreciation, particularly around the joy that I get from spending time with my family. Sometimes I am positively overwhelmed by them. I found a large increase in my willingness to try new things. I want to keep the momentum going.”


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