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Maintenance Services - SSP Balance

Need a Boost?

Take a maintenance dose of the SSP anytime with a subscription to SSP Balance.   

What is SSP Balance?

SSP Balance calms and grounds the nervous system, helping extend the benefits you gained from SSP Core.   


How do I use it?

Self-administer SSP Balance when you feel like you need a light tune-up.  Listen to the playlist as you see fit, but no longer than 30 minutes a day.  We recommend that you play around with it and see what works best for you.


Can anyone buy this?

This offer is available to anyone that has completed the SSP Core program with Retune Health.


Can I over-use SSP Balance?

Just like we can "over-tune" the strings on a guitar, we can "over-tune" our nervous system as well.  Listen to your body and incorporate SSP Balance into your self-care routine whenever you need a little dose of calm.


What if I want to do another round of SSP Core?

Some clients may want to go deeper with their healing and complete another round of SSP Core.  Retune Health will support you with this care plan once three months have passed from your last SSP Core session.  Please contact us at to learn more.

To purchase a subscription to SSP Balance, complete the steps below:

Maintenance Services - SSP Balance
Choose your SSP Balance playlist
Choose your subscription option

Thanks for your order!

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