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Does the Safe and Sound Protocol have any side effects?

Side effects from the Safe and Sound Protocol, such as increased feelings of stress in the body, mind and emotions, are only possible if the client ingests more of the listening therapy than the body is ready to handle.

Retune Health providers limit this risk because we understand that each client is unique. As such, we tailor the listening protocol to fit the needs of each person and limit stress and unnecessary side effects as a result.

Specifically, Retune Health providers rely on three key tools to keep our clients safe:

  1. We conduct a Health and Safety survey with each client prior to beginning the therapy. This gives your provider good baseline data on where to begin with your individualized plan.

  2. We build a trusting relationship with each client. Trust is essential in every healing relationship. Through focused, compassionate and trauma-informed listening we ensure that each client has a safe space to disclose anything that is important regarding their current state of health and their healing process through the journey.

  3. We assess client response to the Safe and Sound Protocol before and after each session. Retune Health prefers that our clients complete the listening sessions with us, as opposed to having our clients complete them on their own. This gives us the opportunity to see and hear each client’s response with our own eyes and ears. We look and listen for clues to ensure that the protocol is meeting the needs of each client in these sessions, allowing us to make adjustments in real time.


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