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My unique Fertility Freedom program launches soon! 

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Fertility Freedom  

Stress Less with

Vagal Acoustic Hormone Balancing

Everyone experiences stress.  


And if stress is high, sex hormones are low.  

If Stress is High....png

There's good news:  Your body is designed for balance.

With the right support, your sex hormones will get back in rhythm.







I’ve developed a high-impact, low effort, somatic therapy program that balances cortisol and your HPA axis using...

Exercise key branches of your vagus nerve, your stress command center, to release stored tension and restore your body’s balance.



"I found the biggest gains in reducing anxiety and reactivity."


"I am SO much more calm.  It's incredible."


“This has been a game changer.  My partner and I talk about life before, and after, my work with Andrea at Retune Health."

This proven approach to stress and cortisol reduction can be:

  • completed online,

  • in as little as three weeks, &

  • it delivers results that last.

I offer a Free Consultation for you to confirm that this drug-free approach is right for you.  

How does it work?

Vagal-Acoustic Therapy

Listen to a specially-filtered musical playlist designed to target your vagus nerve and reverse engineer your stress.  


Trauma Informed Coaching

I meet you online to check in and regulate before you begin each session.  Supercharge your healing through this simple act of connection and co-regulation.  

My Stress Hormone Balancing Protocol Includes:

  • Flexible Online Scheduling

  • Pre- and Post- Program Assessment to Track Your Results

  • Access to the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Core Program for up to 8 weeks

  • Online Coaching + anytime access for questions via text, email or phone 

  • “Go Deeper” content including

    • Short Educational Videos

    • Guided Somatic Exercises

    • Journal Prompts

  • Private Coaching at a reduced rate while completing the SSP Core program

  • BONUS:  On-demand access to the cutting edge SSP Balance for up to 10 months.

Here's What You Can Expect Inside the Program:

The schedule below is a sample. We encourage clients to complete the program within 8 weeks.


Week 0:  Prep 

  • Meet me for a Private Consultation, obtain your supplies, complete the pre-program assessment and attend the Kick-Off meeting.


Week 1:  Warming Up 

  • Meet me online for four 30 minute group coaching sessions.  Together, we’ll listen to the special music in small “doses”.  We’ll pair the music with creative time to help you unplug and relax.

Week 2:  A New Rhythm 

  • In five 30 minute sessions, we'll increase the listening time and practice more mindfulness activities.  You may choose to complete some of the work on your own time.


Week 3:  The Big Finish 

  • By now your subconscious body has absorbed most of the calming frequencies and is starting to shift to a deeper level of relaxation and balance.  We'll finish strong with four 30 minute sessions.


One Month Check Up 

  • Complete Post Assessment

  • Join online for a group / private reflection

Perfect for you if:

  • You need a break from thinking about your fertility journey.  

  • You can't handle everyday stressors like you used to.

  • You’ve tried everything to reduce your stress and nothing “sticks”.

  • You’d love to do more self-care but you can’t find the time.

  • You need an easy win in this process.  You need to feel some joy again.


Not for you if:

  • You have a perforated or ruptured eardrum or severe hearing sensitivity, such as misophonia or hyperacusis.

  • You have active or uncontrolled seizures.

  • You are actively self-harming or have a recent (6 month) history of self-harming behavior.

  • You have a history of psychosis or are being actively treated for psychosis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is this musical program?

    • The result of decades of research on the intersection of stress, the vagus nerve and our sense of sound, the innovative Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) disrupts the stress cycle and re-balances your body, mind and emotions. 

  • When is the best time for me to complete this program?

    • Do this program to prepare your body to conceive.  This allows your HPA axis (stress hormones) to settle so that your HGA axis (reproductive hormones) can come back online. For IUI/IVF clients, begin the Retune Health program around the same time you begin the priming cycle. 

  • Will this program interfere with my IUI/IVF cycle?

    • Our stress wellness program will not interfere with your fertility journey.  In fact, by elevating your sense of calm you will have greater physical balance and emotional resilience as you move through the next steps of your IUI/IVF process.

  • Will I have to share personal information in a group session?

    • No.  In our Group Wellness Coaching sessions, we only share information about how we are responding to the Safe and Sound Protocol music.  You'll get enhanced benefit by gathering with others to heal your nervous system.  Any personal information you need me, or want me, to know you can share with me offline anytime.

  • What happens in a private coaching session?

    • In a private session, I’ll hold space for you and listen.  The fertility journey can be a lot to process and sometimes it can be helpful to have a safe place to talk through what is on your mind.  I’d be honored to walk alongside you as you go through this journey.

  • Does it really work?

    • Clients see an average of 40% reduction in their stress symptoms, based on pre to post program data.  Many notice dramatic shifts in how they feel in areas that they didn't realize were tied to vagus nerve dysregulation.  ​

Meet Your Coach

Andrea Goodwin is your Coach and the Founder of Retune Health. She is on a mission to help women release stress quickly and easily so that they can reclaim their health and joy. Andrea learned about the impacts of chronic stress, trauma and vagus nerve dysregulation through her own healing journey.  Emboldened by the idea to use her talents to promote wellness instead of to treat illness, Andrea walked away from her career in healthcare to found Retune Health. Andrea lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, their two teenagers, and Rascal the dog. 

Andrea is passionate about women’s health, healthy families, healthy aging and healthy communities.  She holds certifications from:

  • International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

  • Unyte-iLs:  Safe and Sound Protocol Provider Certified

  • IFS Learning Hub: IFS Informed (certificate in progress)

My unique Fertility Freedom program launches soon! 

Sign up now to get on the waitlist.

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